e-Money Volume 18

December 15, 2021

Deposit and Withdraw for $NGM on KuCoin

KuCoin made an official announcement on its blog saying that the crypto exchange has opened its mainnet deposit and withdrawal services for e-Money (NGM). Users can check the Assets> Main Account> Deposit/Withdrawal page and select the mainnet NGM for transactions.

To read the official announcement, click here.

e-Money-Avalanche Bridge

e-Money was excited to share that they are now connected to the Avalanche blockchain. This bridge between both networks is a two-way token bridge that will allow frictionless transfers between the e-Money and Avalanche networks.

In their medium article, e-Money states that this bridge “will mark the beginning of a whole new suite of projects that we can collaborate with on the Avalanche Network and establish connections to crypto liquidity.”

To read the Medium article, click here.

Monthly Report for November 2021

The e-Money team had a very busy month and worked hard to increase the widespread adoption and utility of their stablecoins and $NGM token. November’s highlights included: the bridge with Avalanche, KuCoin deposit and withdrawal services and REGEN-EEUR liquidity pool on Osmosis. But that’s not all, e-Money has been working on exciting partnerships and much more.

To read the Monthly Report, click here.

Lockness Payment Platform + e-Money

The World’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) escrow payment system built on Binance Smart Chain is exploring a partnership with e-Money. By using the platform, when a buyer makes a payment for a product or service, his or her funds will be securely held in the Lockness escrow vault for a predetermined period.

Lockness platform was designed to mitigate the dangers of fraud and user vulnerabilities that are frequently associated with cryptocurrency payments nowadays.

To learn more about this partnership, read the Medium article.