Discord Price Bots on Akash

May 14, 2021

Discord Price Bots on Akash

Deploy a Discord crypto side bar bot on Akash



These Python scripts can run Discord bots that pull live data at intervals and display it on the sidebar of a Discord guild (i.e. server).

  • Cryptocurrency price data (in USD, BTC, and/or ETH) from Coingecko API

Cryptocurrency Price Bot

Cache the cryptocurrency ticker list from Coincegko by generating a crypto_cache.json file.

python crypto_cache.py -v


The provided Dockerfile is configured to run a price bot with the ticker AKT You must configure the crypto_config.yaml with your unique Discord bot key and (non-unique) Guild ID and insert your prefered ticker (AKT)

"AKT": priceUnit: - USD - ETH decimalPlace: - 0 - 2 updateFreq: 120 discordBotKey: <Unique Discord Bot Key> guildId: <Guild ID>

If you would like to create a docker image with your preferred ticker simply change AKT to your ticker of choice within the Dockerfile CMD [ "python", "./crypto_run.py", "-t", "`AKT`" ]

Write your own Dockerfile

  1. Point to Python

FROM python:3

2. Point to files/scripts in the repository

ADD crypto_run.py /

ADD requirements.txt /

ADD crypto_config.yaml /

ADD crypto_cache.json /

ADD crypto_cache.py /

3. Install dependencies

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

RUN pip install discord

4. Command Execute

CMD [ "python", "./crypto_run.py", "-t", "AKT" ]

Feel free to use whatever ticker you’d like (on coin gecko).

Be sure to update the crypto_config.yaml.