Comdex Volume 28

May 15, 2022

Welcome back, Comets! ☄️Today’s Comdex update covers the network’s latest blog post updates, key $CMDX stats and highlights, recent community events and a resourceful note on the current DeFi climate.

As of May 10th, $CMDX has reached a Staking Ratio of 67% while Total Transactions have exceeded 528,000; Block Height has surpassed 2,300,000.

  • CMDX/OSMO: 104% TOTAL APY with 5M TVL
  • CMDX/ATOM: 71% TOTAL APY with 3.8 TVL

For more highlights, check out the thread by Comdex below:

In another update, the network’s Monthly Highlights for April was recently published. The blog post recaps the launch of Comdex Academy, Superfluid Staking for CMDX/OSMO, $CMDX’s latest token achievements, and other recent community involvement.

ICYMI: Last month, Comdex featured on major crypto analytics site NewsBTC: How A Game-Changing Decentralized Synthetic Exchange Aims to Unlock the True Value of Commodities and Digital Assets On-Chain

Read the full highlights for April in Comdex’ blog post linked in their tweet:

🤝 It’s Official: Comdex now serves as an Infrastructure Layer for Cosmos, providing developers with a variety of interoperable plug & play modules to build projects and dApps that will provide utilities to the Cosmos ecosystem and the global DeFi market at large.

In addition to the visionary cAsset exchange, their recent blog post announcement also reviews several projects currently in development that further aim to bridge the 3.4 Trillion Financing Gap in CeFi, such as:

  • Commodo - A collateralized lending app utilizing $CMDO
  • ShipFi - Collateralized NFT trading using $SHIP to facilitate CeFi trading
  • $USCX (now $CMST/Composite) - Native stablecoin for the Comdex ecosystem
  • Enterprise Trading Platform - Collateralizing digital assets for real-world trade financing

The article further examines current vulnerabilities in CeFi and how apps like the ones mentioned above - along with the underlying infrastructure that adds security, minimizes fees, and increasing accessibility - can bridge the notoriously steep gap between CeFi and DeFi.

Read the full blog post below 📩

Community Updates

Abhishek recently attended The Crypto Expo in Dubai as a guest speaker to explain Comdex’ role in filling the existing gaps between centralized commodities and DeFi. The CEO discusses $CMDX asset tokenization, derivatives, DEX features, and more as he elaborates the network’s plan to democratize finance.

The discussion gives an in-depth report on trading synthetics and its untapped lucrative potential in DeFi through Comdex’ facilitation; Comdex’ cAssets are fully interoperable synthetic assets backed by a diversified set of collateralized assets.

Abhishek additionally discusses staking rewards, yield generating vaults, and $CMDX’s market cap growth potential before concluding with a summary of the network’s Roadmap ahead.

Listen to the full discussion here 🔻

For more of Abhishek’s insights on building the long-awaited bridge between DeFi and CeFi, read his thread on the importance of a stable digital currency in the Cosmos ecosystem, and how $USCX - now renamed to $CMST - represents stable, collateralized purchasing power across all dApps and products across Comdex and Cosmos.


ICYMI: Superfluid Staking being enabled for CMDX/OSMO has increased total APR to 114%! By going superfluid, $CMDX investors can deepen pool liquidity and increase blockchain security all while increasing staking rewards with the same investment amount.

Congrats to the Comdex team members mentioned below for winning the ETHIndia hackathon 🥳

Today’s update concludes with Comdex’ recent commentary on the sudden and unexpected corruption of Terra’s $LUNA token. Their thread provides a list of Comdex modules, smart contracts, and other infrastructure resources for developers and investors who have been effected by recent events:


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