Comdex Volume 27

May 1, 2022

☄️ NewsBTC recently featured Comdex in a spotlight article that discusses synthetic assets and how they can be leveraged to maximize profitability and minimize risk within commodities. As mentioned in the article, trading cAssets can alleviate risks of theft, legal confiscation, transporting goods, and other third party risks.

The article also discusses additional benefits to synthetics, including easy access to both the market and your assets, significantly lower costs due to fewer fees, and the overall amount of time saved on acquiring digital assets instead of their physical counterparts.

Stakewolle also published a five minute video reviewing the utility behind each tab in Comdex’ cAssets Exchange as a complimentary guide to users.

Watch the video linked below for a comprehensive guide to navigating the DSE:

Devnet-2 went live on April 19th, enabling participants to integrate $ATOM, $OSMO, and $LUNA faucets for use on the cAsset Exchange.

Links to the testnet and faucets ⤵️

Introducing Comdex Academy! As part of the network’s education outreach, Version 1 of Comdex Academy is now live alongside the first two modules of the beginner course, DeFi & Synthetics.

Together, the two modules introduce new DeFi traders to Commodities, TradeFi, Cosmos, and key terms such as Consensus Mechanisms, Proof of Stake, and Yield.

Overtime, the Academy will offer courses ranging from basic to advanced topics in DeFi & Commodities.

For a quick refresher, check out the very first two course modules below!

After a successful proposal, Superfluid Staking is now live for Osmosis Pool 601, $OSMO/$CMDX! Given added incentives, the pair’s APR has reached up to 120%.

If you haven’t already, start Superfluid Staking your $CMDX on 👇

For a brief walkthrough of Devnet-2 and its UI, utilities, features, and resources, watch CryptoTank’s 7-minute video review of the cAsset App. The review applauds Comdex for the streamlined, comprehensive cAsset platform, noting that its many on-chain features creates a satisfying one-stop hub for synthetic trading.

For an inside look into the highly anticipated synthetics exchange:

On April 25th, Sid Patil joined several other seasoned DeFi contributors in a panel discussion on Borderless Finance. Introducing Comdex as “a suite of solutions” for the Cosmos ecosystem, Patil discusses several of these solutions in detail; the most basic one being the marginalized risk of trading cAssets that allows for greater non-native participation in commodities.

Additionally, with the omission of third party services such as brokers, transportation, and other traditional trading fees, cAsset investors are able to play many roles in one: traders can collateralize assets, mint synthetics, and be liquidity providers, market makers, and custodians of their own assets all at once.

Watch Sid’s full contribution to the panel’s discussion below:

As interest in commodities rises throughout the world of DeFi, doubts continue to be expressed by traditional CeFi traders; Abhishek from Comdex wrote an article for Nasdaq examining the role of trust in a financial ecosystem- and how emerging DeFi platforms like Comdex can work together with CeFi platforms as a checks and balances system, filling the gaps of uncertainty left by past crises in both industries.

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