Comdex Volume 26

April 15, 2022

Welcome back, Comets!

πŸ’° Prop 201 is now LIVE: Cast your vote before April 19th to add Superfluid Staking to $OSMO/CMDX Pool 601! If passed, the proposal would also enable an additional 335K $OSMO to secure the network.


πŸ“ˆ Block Height: 2,006,602

πŸ’³ Total Transactions: 466,962 (+6.1%)

$CMDX pool liquidity on Osmosis is at $15.4M TVL:

πŸ“$CMDX/OSMO pool at $8.2M TVL

πŸ“$CMDX/ATOM pool at $6.3M TVL

πŸ“$CMDX/UST pool at $0.9M TVL

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