Comdex Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, Comets! ☄️

The highly anticipated DevNet for the DSE is officially live on! In addition to the testnet, Comdex will introduce a Bug Bounty program as extra incentive.

The network has also provided a link to their faucet for participants to retrieve tokens:

The $CMDX StakeDrop is now live on AssetMantle until April 1st at 12:00 UTC. During the event, traders who stake $CMDX can submit their “magic transaction” to earn rewards in $MNTL. 🔻

To read more about the MantleDrop and its token distribution, visit AssetMantle’s dedicated blog post:

MantleDrop: Stakedrop 101 - AssetMantle Blog

LeoFinance’s written summary of the first ever Town Hall - appropriately titled “Comdex Alpha Alert” - contains key insights regarding the upcoming DSE, Enterprise Trading App, and $USCX, as well as the announcement of Commodo, a Collateralized lending app scheduled to launch shortly after the DSE.

Among plans to rebrand their existing roadmap, Comdex announced their Synthetics App will have its own native token to support and govern the app. This app will be the home for cAssets, minted using CDP’s.

The lending app Commodo will also offer an uncollateralized lending option as well as introduce its very own token, $CMDO.

Read the full summary 👇

Liam from Confident in Crypto also reflects on all the alpha from the Town Hall in his latest Comdex video, where he discusses the network’s  updated plan of action as they hone their focus on Synthetics, Enterprise Trading and ShipFi.

In addition to launching their own native wallet that will be compatible with iOS and Android, Comdex is also working on integrating Keplr wallet.

Shortly after the DSE is live, the $USCX stablecoin will be launched in addition to the Commodo app. These launches will set the foreground for establishing a stablecoin settlement on the Enterprise Trading App.

Full video  🔽

In honor of the network’s first ever Town Hall last week, Sid from Comdex recently announced the 10 winners of his $CMDX giveaway, who have each won 100 $CMDX! 👇

Check out the Comdex Mythological Agent NFT 🔻

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