Comdex Volume 24

March 28, 2022

📣 2,000,000 $CMDX have recently been added as external incentives on Osmosis!



$CMDX/$UST 27%

The whole team features on the latest Comdex Townhall: Co-Founders, developers, validators, collaborators, and other familiar faces like Cryptocito, and ConeyDaddy join to discuss the revamp to the Comdex 2022 Roadmap.

Three main steps lie ahead following the network’s latest CosmWasm integration and Synthetics (cAssets) App launch:

1️⃣ Launch of $USCX stablecoin

2️⃣ $USCX settlement on Enterprise Trade App

3️⃣ ShipFi App launch

Among key updates and insightful commentary, the livestream also includes the team’s revised plan of action and a glimpse at the network’s highly anticipated DEX.👇

AIRDROP STAGE 2 COMPLETE: Eligible delegators of $ATOM, $LUNA, $OSMO, or $XPRT have been rewarded the latest $CMDX airdrop.

Stage 3 takes place in 3 months. For a step by step guide to claiming the latest airdrop, check out the network’s guide below:

How to Claim your $CMDX Airdrop

Check out other highlights below! 🔻

On March 16th, Comdex launched its own discussion forum for new and seasoned Comets to connect, ask questions, and find resources.

Check it out:

ICYMI: Check out Staking Rewards’ new $CMDX integration 👇

Comdex recently shared a clip of Sid Patil in an interview with Cryptocito, where he discusses how Comdex’ envisioned position as the bridge to DeFi and CeFi has led to a growing amount of platforms like their Enterprise Trading and cAssets Apps.

Watch the brief video below:

Sid also recently published his outlook on the current economic outcome and how commodities will thrive as a safety net in currently increasing times of uncertainty.

Read his full thoughts below 🔻

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