Comdex Volume 23

March 1, 2022

☄️ Attention All Comets: The $CMDX airdrop is live until March 7th! To check eligibility and claim rewards, head to

The latest governance proposal for a main net upgrade is now live. The prop will enable main net to update its currently integrated versions of CosmWasm, Ignite (formerly Tendermint), Cosmos-SDK, and IBC.

Voting ends on 3/4 - if passed, the upgrade will take place on 3/7.

If you haven’t already, vote using the link below 👇

In other news, Comdex recently published its 2022 Roadmap, including the strategized plans behind each step.

Roadmap Timeline

📍Q1: CosmWasm Integration ****| Incentivized Testnet of Synthetics DEX

📍Q2: Mainnet of Synthetics DEX | Expand Synthetics DEX cAsset & collateral asset-sets

📍Q3: Bridge to ETH Ecosystem | Launch Enterprise Trading Platform on Comdex Chain

📍Q4: Enable leverage and options trading | Introducing stablecoin USCX | ShipFi Mainnet Launch

Liam from Confident in Crypto released a 15 minute informational video where he discusses the roadmap in further detail. Watch his walkthrough in the Tweet below:

To prepare all Comets for the fast-approaching main net launch, Comdex recently released an article on their Synthetics DEX.

The article explores:

📌 History of Commodities📌 Disadvantages of Traditional Commodities📌 How a Synthetics DEX Provides Solutions📌 Counterparty Risk and Security

With synthetic assets, investors can interact with commodity prices without the high-maintenance infrastructure needed to acquire physical goods.

Read the full blog post here:

Comdex - Decentralized Synthetics Exchange

To kickstart the last month of Q1, the CEOs of Comdex and Quicksilver convened in a Twitter Space to discuss liquid staking and synthetics - and how these features will revolutionize the greater Cosmos ecosystem in 2022.

Click the link in the Tweet below to listen to the full discussion: