Comdex Volume 19

January 1, 2022

Comdex’s weekly highlights included the addition of three new blockchain explorers (Mintscan, Aneka, and LookChill), a $CMDX airdrop, newly launched rewards on $CMDX liquidity pools, and more. 

In addition, $CMDX is now listed on two new exchanges: CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. On December 21, Comdex announced $CMDX pool liquidity had increased 40% over the past 7 days. 


In their statistics update, Comdex reveals a $CMDX airdrop is now claimable for eligible holders of $ATOM, $LUNA, $OSMO, and/or $XPRT. To find out if you are eligible, head to

With $CMDX liquidity pools being incentivized on Osmosis, $CMDX/$OSMO and $CMDX/$ATOM are at 166% and 119% APY, respectively. 

Comdex is on the hunt for motivated individuals to join the Comdex Cadets ambassador program. To apply, head to

The CEO of Comdex, Abhisek Singh, was recently featured on two DeFi podcasts, Crypto Current and The Stakin(g) Podcast, where he discusses various topics such as the opportunity in synthetic assets, the growth of $CMDX, and the need for more decentralized solutions.  

Comdex also recently hosted its Mainnet Launch Party, where several speakers from the Cosmos ecosystem join to discuss the Cosmos-based synthetics asset protocol.