Comdex Volume 18

December 15, 2021

Liquidity Pool LIVE on Osmosis

Pool #600ATOM/CMDX is live on Osmosis. Now, it’s possible to swap $CMDX and gain exposure to several tokens that are part of the Cosmos ecosystem. Liquidity providers will also have access to $CMDX pool (swap fee is 0.3%)

To access ATOM/CMDX pool, click here.

Decentralized Synthetics Exchange: The Missing Piece

The Comdex team published an article explaining how they are planning to democratize finance and bridge DeFi and CeFi, how the protocol enables users to gain exposure on a range of synthetic assets, how ShiFi will help to facilitate the digitization of trade finance debt products and a lot more.

Comdex on DeFi times

In this video, Juri Maibaum from DeFi times explained how Comdex is bringing synthetic assets and derivatives to the Cosmos ecosystem, how derivatives work, in addition to talking about the upcoming Comdex Airdrop!

Watch the entire episode of DeFi times here.

External Incentivised Liquidity Pool LIVE on Osmosis

The incentives started on December 8th.

To access the CMDX/OSMO pool, click here.

Weekly Highlights

Here’s a recap of everything that happened during the week:

  • Mainnet launch party brought together top players from the Cosmos ecosystem @PersistenceOne, @akashnet_, @sifchain and more.
  • Comdex Co-Founder & COO Siddarth Patil attended the Dcentral Conference in Miami, hosting a booth & participating in several panel discussions.
  • Multiple community competitions were held: Meme competition, LBP explainer contest and Mainnet launch party random draw.
  • The official community chat leaderboard was launched, awarding members who actively contribute and add value to discussions in the Telegram group.

And more.

Airdrop Claim & Staking Walkthrough

In this video, Liam Connor explained how to claim CMDX Airdrop and how to stake the CMDX token, as well as a brief introduction of what Comdex is, how to import a wallet to Keplr and more.

Watch the video here.

How Comdex LP Works on Osmosis

Liquidity providers are the backbone behind the $CMDX liquidity pools (LPs) on Osmosis. They allow traders to buy and sell $CMDX in any of the available pairs while receiving rewards from trading fees. In this infographic, you can see how Comdex pools #600 ATOM/CMDX  and #601 CMDX/OSMO currently available on Osmosis actually work.

Siddarth Patil on Derivative Assets in the World of DeFi Investment

Siddarth talked about synthetics & interoperability within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Watch the DeCentral Conference Panel