Chihuahua Volume 27

May 1, 2022

🐕 Welcome to COSMOS<>ETH, Chihuahuas! Now that Gravity Bridge supports $HUAHUA, Chihuahuas can trade/swap their tokens and other Cosmos assets with bridged Ethereum.

Chihuahua Chain has been listed in Cosmos’ active validator set. To express appreciation for their growing community, the network reduced their validator’s commission rate to 1.69% on April 21st.

Prop 15 has passed in favor of increasing the minimum deposit required for proposals; the chain has raised the minimum deposit from 100,000 to 500,000 $HUAHUA in an effort to reduce spam risk and abuse of governance. 👇

Last week, the first ever Chain Hall took place on Twitter Spaces. The network has published a recap on their Medium channel - highlights of the community’s town hall include:

  • CosmWasm Update: The team at PomiFer is assisting Chihuahua Chain in integrating CosmWasm’s smart contracts. After completing a thorough testnet, the contracts are projected to launch in the upcoming weeks.
  • Team Fund Vesting Periods: The developer team has decided to assign vesting periods for their team fund in order to add transparency and trust, and minimize communal uncertainty or doubt.
  • Passage x Chihuahua Chain: Based on Passage’s most recent proposal, the Huahuaverse is projected to be ready for launch some time in Fall 2022. In the mean time, the teams behind Passage, Chihuahua, and Metahuahua are all joining forces in a collective effort to build a customer-centric, Cosmos-approved product.

For the full recap of the very first Chain Hall 👇

$HUAHUA on Restake: Chihuahua Chain has joined the ever-expanding list of leading Cosmos chains that are now listed on Restake. By using the app, $HUAHUA delegators can authorize their validators to auto-compound staking rewards on their behalf.

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