Chihuahua Volume 26

April 15, 2022

🐕 Welcome back, Chihuahuas!

The HUAHUAPOT game is now LIVE with an entry fee of 1000 $HUAHUA.

To Play: head to, connect your Keplr wallet and click “play” for a chance to win the HUAHUAPOT!

As mentioned by the network, the game’s launch indicates that CosmWasm integration and Metaverse utility on-chain will soon follow.

Chihuahua Chain also just published their fourth monthly recap to reflect on their latest achievements and partnerships. Among the news, the network’s 3-month buyback program has been completed; 5% of the airdrop fund will be allocated to the Community Pool for the next three months.

Prop 13 has also passed in favor of designating 100M $HUAHUA to be spent on bootstrapping growth and increasing Chihuahua engagement.

Check out the full update 👇

In addition to’s recent $HUAHUA integration, Chihuahuas can now also use for Chihuahua-related tax records ⤵️

That’s right - Chihuahua Chain pools have the highest APRs on Osmosis, with 226% for HUAHUA/OSMO and 218% for HUAHUA/ATOM 👏🥳

Read the network’s blog post below for a quick guide to providing Liquidity for $HUAHUA on Osmosis👇

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