Chihuahua Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, Chihuahuas! 🐕

Proposal #11 is currently LIVE, requesting that $HUAHUA’s current flat inflation rate of 60% be changed to a dynamic, manually adjusted inflation rate that more closely resembles Bitcoin’s.

The prop also calls for a quarterly reduction rate that will gradually decrease by 4.20% each time. If passed, inflation will slowly reduce until 2026.

Voting ends on April 5th! Be sure to cast yours 👇

Prop #10 has passed, adding $HUAHUA incentives to Osmosis Pool 663: HUAHUA/UST! 🥳

In exciting news, Watcher News featured Chihuahua Chain in their latest article which gives a detailed description of the beloved Cosmos dog coin, as well as its key features and its competitive edge against competitors like $DOGE and $SHIB - most notably, that $HUAHUA is projected to use less energy per year than Dogecoin and Ethereum do in just 1 day!

Full article below 👇

In one of the chain’s latest collabs, Secret Network’s StashApp announces its listing of $sHUAHUA tokens as a form of payment. Chihuahuas can now use their Secret $HUAHUAs to purchase NFTs from Stash’s marketplace.


To celebrate their official partnership with Passage, Chihuahua is hosting a giveaway where 5 winners will win WL spots for the upcoming Passage x Chihuahua Metaverse!

Today’s the Day: Collections from @CrazyHuahuasNFT and @NotsNfts go on sale starting today, April 1st! Check them out:

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