Chihuahua Volume 24

March 28, 2022

Although the $HUAHUA Airdrop for $DVPN delegators has already been rewarded to eligible addresses, users still have a chance to earn extra tokens through the HUAHUA x DVPN meme contest: 10 winners will receive 50,000 $HUAHUA each! ⬇️

Chihuahua Chain recently posted their progress recap for the month of March, with the following highlights:

  • Chihuahua now validating on Gravity Bridge
  • Emeris has integrated Chihuahua Chain
  • Akash Airdrop completed
  • 20k+ followers on Twitter
  • ConeyDaddy is now an official AdHUAisor
  • $HUAHUA in Delta Tracker App
  • Partnerships with Comdex, Rango Exchange, Sputnik, and Secret Network

Click the link below to read the full blog post 📱

OmniFlix Network is currently hosting a meme contest with NFT creator @CuteCryptoGirls: 10 winners will get 100,000 $HUAHUA each.

⚠️ Tax Alert: $HUAHUA has been integrated into!

Proposal details can be reviewed in the Mintscan link below ⬇️

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