Akash Volume 28

May 15, 2022

Welcome back, Akashians 💪 Today’s $AKT update covers product updates, new listings, and more feature highlights alongside Mainnet 3’s performance over the past two weeks.

On May 4th, Adam Wozney hosted Andrew Mello from Overclock Labs and Jonmichael Hands from Chia on Twitter Spaces to cover all the new features offered for Chia users now that Mainnet 3 is live.

Beyond the addition of Authorized Spend, Fractional uAKT, and the long-awaited Persistent Storage, Akash now supports increased container limits - further reducing the barrier-to-entry for new users with shorter plot creation times. For users with large-scale plotting farms, Akash providers will be able to support multi-gigabit storage.

The Chia x Akash update also reviews other plot creation features along with dynamic pricing and price points for plots. Tune in on Twitter below, or on Akash’s Youtube: Chia Plotting on Akash.

Akash also recently released their monthly recap for April as the first update after the official launch of Mainnet 3. The network’s blog post highlights $AKT’s new listings on Crypto.com and Kraken, Superfluid Staking on AKT/OSMO, and community events that took place last month.

Since their post, $AKT has now also been listed on KuCoin, Bitrue, and Huobi 🎉

Akashians can now earn 10% APR on Bitrue, and trade in the AKT/USDT pool on KuCoin. 🥳

In the latest Akash Weekly, Greg Osuri and Cheng Wang joined Adam to discuss trading with latest token listings on Crypto.com, Kraken, Bitrue, and more. $AKT’s multiple token and pool listings on major exchanges shows promising signs of market expansion and further Cosmos adoption.

The team also discusses Akash’s next steps ahead now that highly anticipated features like persistent storage offer hosting options for more users than ever before.

Listen to expert insights on the latest listings 👇

On May 4th, Greg Osuri featured on an Akash Special of the Game of Nodes Podcast, a Cosmos podcast led by independent validators to discuss the latest in tech, governance proposals, airdrops and more.

Tune into the special episode below to listen to Greg’s commentary on the future of $AKT and all things Cosmos👇 ⚛️

On a special episode of The Yellow Wire, Greg Osuri shares his personal story in a tell-all interview with ConeyDaddy. The interview sheds a intimate light on Greg’s journey as he reflects on his family upbringing, college education, and finding his passion for cloud compute through his many learned insights while working in traditional tech infrastructure.

Tune into the video below, where the two meet on a cozy bench in Denver to discuss Greg’s path and Akash’s future in the worlds of DeFi and cloud compute ⬇️☁️

Community News

In an event during Permissionless, Akash will join Storj and Kava Labs in a live in-person panel discussion in West Palm Beach, FL. The meeting will cover full stack, decentralized organizations and will be held on Wednesday, May 18th from 5-7pm:

📆 In other event news, Greg Osuri will be at DcentralCon on June 7-8 to discuss the growing need for decentralized cloud compute.

Those who are heading to the event in Austin, TX can use code AKASH22 for 30% off tickets! For reservations, click the link in the tweet below 👇

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