Akash Volume 26

April 15, 2022

🥳 Congrats Akashians: $AKT is LIVE on Crypto.com Exchange! Thanks to Cronos Bridge, millions of users can now deposit and withdrawal $AKT on one of the world’s leading crypto exchange platforms.

Steps for bridging to Cronos 👇

🔦 Akash x Chandra Station: Chalabi joined Greg Osuri on Akash’s weekly Twitter Space to discuss chain governance and validators’ roles within the Cosmos ecosystem.

The conversation is centered around on-chain governance as a natural evolution of chain governance and overall security for Proof-of-Stake chains:

Osuri also briefly mentions Praetor App, a recently launched onboarding platform for new Akash providers that enables users to deploy in minutes with a simple click-and-go process.

Check out their quick guide below:

Akash’s two week blog bounty continues as the team searches for the best-written article on Shell Deployment Access. The winning prize has been raised to 250 $AKT!

The deadline for submission is 4/15. Check out the challenge details below 👇

⛑️ Latest Job Listing: Akash is hiring a Senior Site Reliability Engineer.

Visit the site below to read the position’s full description and check on other recent listings ****🔻

In a Community Call earlier this month, Micah Casella joined Osuri to discuss Messari’s recent analytical report on Akash. The guests review the network’s performance in Cosmos, chain security, and its upcoming advantages given the launch of Mainnet 3.

Tune in to the full convo below:

External Incentives: In anticipation of Mainnet 3 launch, Akash is adding an additional 300,000 $AKT as external incentives to AKT/OSMO on Osmosis 👇

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