Akash Volume 25

April 1, 2022

Welcome back, Akashians!

Akash recently introduced its very first VP of Engineering, Chanda Dharap, to both streamline and scale the network’s engineering as Mainnet 3 quickly approaches.

With experience at notable companies like Adobe and IBM as well as a PhD in Computer Science, Dharap saw the powerful use cases that decentralized cloud compute had to offer. She has joined Akash in the effort to discover and apply new technologies for real-world use cases.

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Dharap also recently featured on Akash’s Community Call, where she further introduces herself and discusses her development plan and vision for the future of Akash.

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$AKT SURGE: Kava’s Surge event is live for $AKT and other Cosmos assets! $AKT/$USDC sits at a generous APY of 632%. 👇

Akash’s Adam Bozanich featured in an interview with Grace Andrews from Equinix to discuss how the two networks will join forces to power and secure Web 3.0.

By partnering with Equinix, Akash can provide users with a cost-efficient cloud alternative while also showcasing their high-performing service and its stability. With accessibility and transparency at the forefront of their vision, Andrews says their current focus is optimizing the massive physical data space that Akash already has outsourced.

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Messari recently published an article titled “Akash: A Decentralized Approach to Cloud Computing”, which offers an in-depth assessment of the current cloud market and how Akash’s many use cases can both decentralize and maximize one of the most important, fundamental digital markets today.

The detailed blog post also reviews the team behind Akash, $AKT tokenomics and utility, decentralized cloud competitors, and more.

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Proposal #17 calls to change the governance voting period from 2 weeks to 1 week - a reduction that aims to pass proposals more efficiently while still providing Akashians reasonable time to consider and cast their votes.

Voting ends April 9th 👇

Akash’s VIPs Greg Osuri and Cheng Wang came together in the latest Akashonomics discussion to review the $AKT Release Schedule and its relative roadmap designed to scale both the token and the network’s use-cases.

One of many concepts discussed in the Twitter Space include Akash’s potential integration of a stablecoin and/or burn mechanism focused on reducing volatility. In addition, the network’s recently added zero authorization, persistent storage, and fractional uAKT features allow for an exponential rise in workloads and use cases.

To celebrate the monumental success of Testnet 3, Akash Network has added a total of 300,000 $AKT as external incentives on $AKT/$OSMO. 🔻

With Mainnet 3 scheduled to launch by the end of April 2022, Akash continues to search for passionate contributors to join their team.

They are currently hiring for the Community Events Manager and Content Marketing Associate positions. To apply or browse other positions, click the link before👇

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