Akash Volume 24

March 28, 2022

📅 Save the Date: Core contributors Greg Osuri and Cheng Wang will host the latest Akashonomics discussion to identify must-know info about the $AKT token unlock on 3/25.

The two hosts will also reflect on Akash’s progress within its first year since main launch. Be sure to tune in using the link below:

With a total of 38+ challenges and 14k+ participants, Akash’s latest testnet allowed developers to test enterprise-grade features like persistent storage, fractional uAKT, authorized spend, and inflation decay curve - paving room for Akash to compete with leading cloud providers.

Among many feats, 135 Avalanche and 117 Terra nodes were launched within 2 days of announcing test net challenges.

The team has been verifying submissions since the event’s completion, with a timeline for rewards said to be coming within the next few weeks of April.

Read the network’s official summary below:

In other news, Greg O recently joined Adam Wozney, Adam Bozanich, and others on Twitter to discuss the testnet’s key features, results, and takeaways, as well as anticipated upgrades and related proposals.

The livestream ends with a community Q&A to answer any remaining questions regarding the latest testnet and mainnet updates.

According to Osuri, Akash's longterm goal is “to be a compliment, not a killer” to mainstream cloud providers like Amazon.

Check out the full Twitter space below 👇

ICYMI: Juno is now powered by Akash 👇

🎨 Chia Users: Akash’s latest Chia upgrade allows NFT creators to buy plots starting at just $.20 each! Linked below is the network’s guide to deploying Chia on Akash.

$AKT at HandyCon 2022: Alani Kuye from Akash gave a brief introduction of the network at HandyCon 2022, where he breaks down several fundamental utilities of $AKT and the many advantages of decentralized cloud compute.

Kuye offers many insights on the future of Akash, including the network’s overarching focus on bridging technical and functional use cases.

Check out Alani’s informative presentation below:

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