Akash Volume 23

March 1, 2022

🚨Testnet 3 goes live on 3/7/21 with a prize fund of $200,000 USD! The two week testnet has a total of 38+ challenges that will be announced starting on 3/7.

The incentivized testnet soft launches several new features, as mentioned by Akash’s CTO Adam Bozanich: “Deployments will now have access to 256 CPUs per service, 512 CPUs total in a deployment, 32 TB storage capacity, and 512 GB memory.”

Along with persistent storage, the test net integrates fractional uAKT, Authorized Spend, and an inflation decay curve.

To read more about the upcoming features, read Akash’s full blog post linked below. 👇

Adam also recently featured alongside Greg Osuri in an Akash Twitter Space to discuss the details behind Testnet 3 in further detail. Listen to the space using the link below:

Attention Akashians: The $AKT Surge event is now live on Kava Lend! To pay it forward, Akash Network airdropped a total of 100,000 $AKT to $KAVA delegators.

New Developers: For a step by step walkthrough on how to use Akashlytics to deploy on Akash, read this helpful article retweeted by the network 👇

ETH Denver Recap: Messari, Ledger, Bankless Consulting, and more key speakers contributed to Akash’s Final Recap of ETH Denver. The panel discusses the network’s collaborations at the event, community efforts, and the next steps ahead for $AKT.

Listen to the discourse linked in the Tweet below 👇