Akash Volume 22

February 15, 2022

Between $AKT’s new listings on Kraken, Junoswap, and Kava, and testnet 3 being scheduled to launch by the end of the month, it’s been a productive two weeks for the Akash fam.

Kava has announced $AKT as its next Surge event to boost the token’s supply APYs, following the success of the $ATOM Surge. Akash has committed $300k AKT to be matched by Kava over a 3-month period to reward participants of the Launchpad event and $AKT stakers on Kava Lend.

To read the full announcement, click the link to Kava’s Medium article below.

To kickstart the Surge event, Kava Launchpad will stake drop $100k AKT of liquidity rewards for KAVA stakers on 2/24, pending the Launchpad proposal on 2/17.

As for the imminent testnet launch, Akash’s goal is primarily focused on performance, stability, and validator behavior. The network’s monthly blog post update notes that participants of testnet challenges will be rewarded in real $AKT as incentive.

The latest monthly update also highlights product progress, new partnerships, upcoming events and more.

TL;DR: Deployments have nearly tripled over the last month as more dApps aim to become fully decentralized. As for products, Akash has introduced a streamlined Provider building process, deployment remote shell access, and hostname migration.

The network will also be co-hosting a meetup at ETH Denver with Skynet Labs from 2/15 to 2/20. To reserve a spot at the event, click here.  Adam Wozney also shared a convenient list of event times and dates linked in the tweet below for those attending.

In Akash’s latest Office Hours, Adam Wozney hosts Eric W. and Mike C. to further discuss testnet 3, community growth, and the new Archway protocol - an incentivized Cosm-Wasm based chain for Cosmos.

Watch the full meeting below:

In a major development for DeFi investors, DeFund is introducing decentralized ETFs to Cosmos - powered by Akash.

Just as traditional ETFs are known for diversifying and minimizing risk through selecting funds based on the S&P 500, dETFs will be able to leverage assets from any IBC chain using bridges to comprise a security fund of equal parts BTC, ETH, stablecoins like USDC and UST, and NFTs.

To review their game plan in further detail, visit DeFund’s introductory article on Medium linked in their tweet below.

Adam from Akash recently held a Twitter space to host Akashonomics Part 3, where Althea’s CEO Deborah S. and Akash’s CFO Cheng W. discuss the details behind $AKT’s release schedule as well as the work involved in developing innovative tech such as Gravity Bridge.

The hosts also answer questions from listeners regarding recent concerns over $AKT tokenomics. To listen to the full recording, click the link in the tweet below.

Earlier this month, Akashlytic’s added Network Capacity data to their website. The latest software upgrade enhances the marketplace’s UX by allowing users to track the supply of capacity on the Akash Network.

Today’s last update is for those interested in joining the Akash team: The network’s latest job openings are for the Content Marketing Associate and Community Events Manager positions.

Visit akash.network/careers to explore all current positions accepting applications.