Akash Volume 21

January 31, 2022

Welcome back, Akashians! These past two weeks have been promising for the Akash community. With a major exchange listing, more project collaborations, and new tech integrations, Akash is steadily preparing to make its way through the 2022 Roadmap for Q1. As we dive into February, let’s reflect on all that has been accomplished so far within $AKT development and marketing, as well as current stats and community updates.


Here’s a moment to celebrate: $AKT is now listed on Kraken! Funding is live and trading on the exchange goes live today, February 1st. The asset will be tradeable against $USD and $EUR.

Kraken has noted that trading will not be available in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

In another exciting collaboration, Akash has recently partnered with Chia ($XCH) to support plot creation on its network. Naturally, Akash’s marketplace of decentralized compute is the perfect match for Chia’s farming platform and its massive hardware requirements.

Those hardware requirements are now obsolete for users: With the use of Akash's workloads and persistent storage as a means to create plots, anyone with $AKT can deploy on the network to begin Chia plotting and earning incentive rewards. Additionally, plotting service providers can increase their plot capacity by using the new workload, and current Chia farmers can become hardware providers on Akash.

To find out more details, consider reading Akash’s blog post “How to Create NFT Plots on Akash with Chia Network”.

The Akash and Chia teams also held a livestream on Youtube, where they further discuss plot creation, deploying on Akash, and the potential opportunities this new partnership offers to new farmers and seasoned providers alike. Check it out below:

With these new developments in place, deployments on Akash have reached all time highs - and their recent collab with Github makes the process even easier than before!

App developers on Akash can now use Git push to access templated SDL files for automated deployments.

To get started deploying using Akash Github Actions, check out Github’s link below:

Akash on Github Actions Dynamic SDL - GitHub Marketplace

In even more collaborative efforts, the Cosmos Omnibus has added support for Starport-based chains deploying on Akash. This integration provides simplified configuration and standardization for Starport chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.


In the latest Akash-related media, the trading platform Phemex published a blog post article dedicated to the history and future of Akash. The article also compares the network to its centralized competitors - such as leading cloud providers AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure - and breaks down Akash’s plan to outperform these giants in terms of “scalability, transparency, security, flexibility, efficiency, and cost.”

Read the full post below:

Akash was also featured on Investing.com in an article announcing the network’s previously mentioned partnership with Chia Network.

In more developments, Akash recently announced the upcoming launch of Testnet 3, releasing a brief but informative video on participation, documentation, how the Akash Faucet works, and more.

Be sure to check out the Youtube video below - there’s over $200,000 in prizes for participants!

Current Stats & Community Updates

Akash has reached multiple ATHs this month. Daily active deployments have reached 774, with daily $AKT spent reaching $233, and a total lease count of over 73,000 at the time of writing this update.

In an effort to move dApp developers away from centralized cloud providers in favor of decentralized compute, the Akash Polygon-athon is a new program catered specifically to dApps running on the Polygon network.

The program incentivizes Polygon developers to host their apps on Akash, offering 20 $AKT for hosting costs and matching up to 100 $AKT in bounty rewards awarded by Polygon.

In other community news, Akash’s Greg Osuri recently appeared in a Confident in Crypto interview to discuss $AKT tokenomics for 2022. Greg concisely defines Akash as “a redefinition of cloud.”

Check out the insightful video below:

That about wraps up today’s update, but be sure to attend Akash’s next Office Hours on February 1st (today!) to get the latest information on the upcoming Testnet 3 launch.

Let’s see what the next two weeks has in store for Akash!