Akash Volume 20

January 15, 2022

Way to start the year off right, Akashians! The world’s first decentralized cloud is on its way towards competing with the likes of CSP giants like AWS, as highlighted in the network’s 2022 Roadmap.

Amongst many new features, the upcoming testnet launch in Q1 will offer unbounded network bandwidth, a user component library with on-demand code extensions, and SSL support for certificate attachments.

These tools will enable Akash to scale their market massively by offering limitless bandwidth for workloads, simplifying web design through extensibility and templatization, and eliminating the need for external security layers.

To provide even more resources for providers and developers, Akash is also launching a Provider Onboarding Framework and Developer Hub in Q1 as well.

The Onboarding Framework will assist new providers by easing them through the process of selling compute on Akash, while the Developer Hub is said to be a “one stop shop for all developer related content such as guides, tutorials, documentation, architecture and discussions” (https://akash.network/roadmap).


In anticipation of the testnet launch, Chandra Station has proposed reducing $AKT’s inflation max from 40% to 25%, and the inflation minimum from 25% to 15%. The reductions more accurately reflect Akash’s original model, and the goal is to execute this change prior to integrating the dynamic inflation function. Click the link in the tweet below to vote before January 19th!

As Akash continues to expand, the network has also collaborated with decentralized cloud aggregator ColdStack to diversify storage options for Web 3.0 developers. The collaboration is a promising leap towards mainstreaming decentralized cloud infrastructure.

In other Cosmos related news, Akash’s CEO Greg O recently featured as a guest on Osmosis’ latest Update from the Lab. The update discusses Akash’s focus on growth through expansion as well as its competitive edge against leading CSPs.

Greg also featured on the latest episode of Staking Mondays to discuss Akash’s defining year ahead. At the time of writing this update, the number of $AKT stakers is up 6.81% over the last 30 days, with a staked value of $308.5m.

Lastly, Akash’s latest blog post is an ultimate guide to understanding the use of Data Centers within decentralized cloud infrastructure. The article breaks down Akash’s innovation in outsourcing DC’s and how this utilization is integral to the future of Web 3.0.