Akash Volume 18

December 15, 2021

A Major Adoption Milestone

The amount of $AKT spent for deployment on the Akash network has been on the rise. According to the graph, 10K $AKT was spent, which indicates the utility and popularity of the network has been growing steadily since August - not to mention that users who deployed on Akash continue to keep their deployments active.

AMA Brainstorming Session for HackAtom

Tendermint organized virtual events each month for HackAtom VI, which is the biggest hackathon in Cosmos history. AMA sessions were scheduled on December 1st and December 2nd to give developers the opportunity to ask questions about the challenges. Winners will be announced on December 16th.

Amazing Review on Reddit

A software engineer posted a review on Reddit about his experience on Akash. He said that hosting on Akash feels effortless, powerful and private, also highlighting the cheaper prices for hosting services. According to him, Akashlytics Deploy made it easier to learn and understand the lease/deployment flow compared to the command line interface.

If you are interested in reading this review, click here.

Daily New Deployment Count

On December 2nd, the daily deployment on Akash showed an 11.72% increase, as seen below.

What is IBC?

Akash published a new blog post explaining in detail what IBC is, how it works, why it is important and why you should care about it. The IBC protocol adds a lot of value to the entire Cosmos network, which goes beyond the ability to swap tokens or information.

To understand how IBC enables the internet of blockchains, read this blog post.

Akash on Messari Crypto Theses for 2022

Messari, one of the leading market intelligence companies in the crypto space, published their 165 page report in which they analyzed key trends, people, companies, projects to watch and predictions for 2022.

On pages 112 and 113 of the Messari report, Ryan Selkis stated how “The war against censorship resistance will be fought in the cloud”.

To download the Messari report, click here.

Decentralized Wordpress on Akash

Jacob explained how he was able to create his personal site on Wordpress using @akashnet_, @HNS and @akashlytics to deploy his blog.

Polygon + Akash

In this video, Alani from Akash explained how Polygon and Akash joined forces to offer Decentralized Infrastructure to dApp Developers. Watch the video below to understand why Akash offers Polygon developers a cost-effective option to deploy and scale their applications and services.

Watch the YouTube video for more details.

Akash + Polygon on Twitter Space

On December 7th, Akash and Polygon hosted an AMA on Twitter Space. Eric Zietlow, the Director of Developer Relations at Akash Network, was one of the speakers and he answered questions such as how it is possible to host on Web 3.0, how Akash has helped DEXes like Osmosis, the challenges of onboarding people to Akash Network (and any project on crypto), how people are able to keep their privacy while deploying on Akash, how Passage is deploying on Akash Network, how you cannot be deplatformed on Akash and much more.

CryptoRank Lists Akash on Top 10 Stakeable Assets

Akash’s estimated earnings were up by 41.42%. CryptoRank also included Axie Infinity, DeFiChain, PancakeSwap among the best stakeable assets. Here’s the full ranking:

GDA Capital, LD Capital, DLTx & Akash Network Launch Global Blockchain Investor Events Network

Satellite Social, a global VIP event network for investors, elite entrepreneurs and their companies, has been launched. The group already hosted four VIP events: Gulf Blockchain Week in Dubai, NFT NYC Week in NYC, Lisbon Blockchain Week and the week of Art Basel in Miami.

“The team at Akash Network is delighted to be an integral part of Satellite Social. With digital assets and blockchain tech gaining more strength, we feel it is crucial to have a dedicated network of these special investor events during global conferences and summits,” said Greg Osuri, CEO of Akash Network

To read the news release, click here.

Ledger Op3n Global Watch Party

Ledger hosted a virtual event for those who couldn’t attend the Ledger Op3n in Paris. The main focus of this event was user-experience: the current state of products and services, challenges faced by users and how engineers are working to deliver a better user experience. During this event, Akash had the opportunity to explain how users can deploy their applications on Akash Network.

Spoiler: Craft Economy

The CEO of Akash, Greg Osuri, shared a post explaining why Craft Economy, which is launching a Minecraft server governed by the Craft DAO, chose Akash over AWS for hosting.

According to PC Gamer, the world’s biggest games went offline: League of Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Valorant, Dead by Daylight, Clash of Clans and Destiny 2.

To read the PC Gamer article, click here.

The Loan Wars: Factions

To read the Medium article about the Loan Wars, click here.

Akash over Amazon

An AWS outage took down popular websites, disrupted smart devices, and caused delivery delays at Amazon warehouses. Greg Osuri, the CEO of Akash, tweeted “Akash over Amazon”. What happened with AWS is the perfect example of why individuals and companies should move to a decentralized cloud computing service, which could prevent this outage from happening in the first place.

Greg Osuri Talks on Blockchain and Decentralized Cloud at Menlo College

Watch Greg’s presentation here