Akash Volume 17

November 30, 2021

Permaweb Hackathon:

Akash partnered with ArDrive and Arweave to create a hackathon with three different challenges: NFT, Bootstrap and Filesystem. The winner will receive 1,000 AKT and 10 AR, which is equivalent to 20 GB of perma-storage. Click here to find out more.

Not Financial Advice:

Currently $AKT is used to trade compute, earn passive income, and earn rewards by providing liquidity on @osmosiszone and @sifchain. In the next three months, it will be used as collateral for loans on @kava_platform.

Portfolio Battle:

On November 25th, the Akash Portfolio battle hosted by Moni started. Players competed with each other to see who could get the highest portfolio return. Each contestant got a budget of $1000 to choose 3 or more tokens for their portfolio. The top five portfolios with the best results will share a prize pool of 1,000 AKT. The final results will be announced on December 1st. To find out who the winners are, click here.

Not Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining:

Everything we do on the Internet nowadays is cloud-based. As the market has grown new leaders have emerged, but having the cloud infrastructure owned by big tech companies comes with risks. Read this article to learn more about these risks.

Livestream with the Akash Community:

Every month developers will get the chance to ask technical questions directly to the Akash Community and get a glimpse into the new and upcoming features on Akash. The first episode of Developer Relations Office Hours was broadcast live on November 23rd.

In case you missed it, you can watch the show here.

The Future is a Decentralized Internet:

Do you know what happens when you combine a decentralized cloud with a decentralized VPN? The answer: a completely new way of accessing the internet. Not to mention the fact that this collaboration was displayed in the middle of Time Square.

Akash Has One of The Top Developer Ranks:

Developers have been very busy working on Akash. Just take a look at what Akash was able to do in the past 4 weeks. They were able to secure 173 commits, while the average on the market was just 32! See for yourself how Akash developers are crushing it.

To access CoinRank and see Akash Network's ranking, click here

DeFi and Cross-Chain Interoperability Hackathon Winners:

Three challenges were added in this hackathon:

1) Radicle.Xyz + Akash

2)Solana on Akash

3) Discourse on Akash

Each challenge had a prize pool of 1000 AKT for the best overall submission. Check out the winners as well as the project each one of them submitted on the Akash Community Forum.

Filebase Hackathon Demo Day:

This is one of the most successful hackathons that Akash has ever held. Akash and Filebasebrought their communities together to create an easy to use storage solution for Akash deployments. In this video, the winners were announced and they had the chance to talk about how they came up with the idea for their projects and some of the roadblocks that they faced. This video will also teach you how to deploy with Akash and Filebase.

Watch the Akash & Filebase on YouTube:

Akash Challenge at HackAtom VI:

This is the largest hackathon in Cosmos history. Akash worked with their core developer team to create the following GitHub repo. This repo contains the deployment scripts and references to working images to deploy nodes on a number of different Cosmos chains in a matter of seconds. Full description of the challenge sponsored by Akash is here.

Akash + Polygon Create a New Path for dApp Developers:

Akash has announced a bounty matching program aimed at dApps running on Polygon. With this partnership, Akash will provide Polygon developers with cost-effective ways to deploy and scale their applications and services. Meanwhile, Polygon will provide developers with a starter kit with hosting instructions for the Akash Network. Visit the Akash Community Forum to learn how you can apply for the program.

How Akash is Taking On Amazon AWS:

In a very recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Akash CEO Greg Osuri described how 80% of cloud computing is controlled by four companies and is subject to censorship. He also addressed the security questions about using Akash over AWS and the phenomenal growth of the platform at such an early stage. Lastly, Greg discussed cloud computing risks and the right to free speech.

Watch the Yahoo Finance interview:

The Future of Decentralized Computing:

On this episode of Bitrex Global Podcast (The Bit), Chris Sinkey sat down with Greg Osuri to discuss the impressive growth of Akash, Osmosis (one of the most notable applications running on Akash), Akash’s position on DeFi, how Akash is an important player in this new category called DWS and much more. This episode is a masterclass on decentralized computing. Listen to the entire episode on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Click on the link below to start listening to the podcast on Spotify