Akash Volume 12

September 15, 2021

Mixin Network Listing-
Web 3 Index-
Akash is now listed on @web3index along with @Filecoin, @ArweaveTeam, @LivepeerOrg, @graphprotocol, and @helium. web3index.org
Coney Daddy Follower Drive-
End of Summer Update-
Partnerships, deployment metrics, Osmosis liquidity updates and all the other crazy milestones the Akash Network has reached this summer. Read the blog post to see all the highlights you might have missed.
Uncensored FT Greg Osuri-
Are you ready for Uncensored? Join us on September 15th at 4:45pm EST as we chat with @gregosuri from @akashnet_ about the Layers of the Web3 Stack. There's more where that came from. Here's what's on the schedule https://eqix.it/3Aw4fsGWe
Gitcoin Hackathon-
Humming Bot IO Liquidity Mining-
We're excited to announce that we're hosting a liquidity mining campaign with @hummingbot_io! Starts Tuesday, September 14th. $50K in rewards. Click on the link to learn more bit.ly/3z101sa
New To The Street FTย Greg Osuri-

Watch @NewToTheStreet on #Bloomberg @business 9/10/21 9:30pm PST. @MarketJane from @nasdaq do a special interview with Greg Osuri CEOย of The Akash Network.
Akash Merch-
The homie Max lookin fresh in his new gear!
Blockchain Governance Challenge-