Akash Volume 11

September 2, 2021

Chia Project Hackathon-
The @chia_project Hackathon is open for submissions with a $500,000 Prize Pool!We'll be supporting by providing @gregosuri, @KelseyRuiz_, and @dmikeyanderson as mentors.
Akash <> Filebase Hackathon-
Akash Listed on Best Startups-
Best Startups has listed Akash as one of the top 101 startups in San Francisco! Thanks to the whole team at Best Startup for the support and recognition!
Solana RPC on Akash-
Deploy a fault-tolerant and scalable Solana RPC cluster on Akash for a chance to win 1000 $AKT
Coney Daddy Akash Video-
Coney Daddy is the shit. Watch this video he made about The Unstoppable Cloud.
PKT\Akash Livestream-
Join The Akash team, the founder of Packet, contributing members of the PKT community and Chalabi on this detailed conversation about mining PKT on Akash.
Webflow on Akash-
Watch Anthony Rosa's guide on how to easily deploy a Webflow website on the Akash Network

PKT.Cash on Akash Guide-
Akash Live on Emeris-
We’re excited to announce that AKT is one of the first tradable assets on @emerisHQ, a portal to cross-chain #DeFi!Users can now swap, transfer, pool & manage AKT across multiple chains with fewer restrictions & lower transaction fees.
Avalanche on Akash-
Strange Clan NFT's on Akash-
Get ready... hand-drawn #NFTs, cross-project #NFT game, and many more secrets to be revealed very soon... The first NFT project powered by @akashnet_ $AKT and the incredible @cosmos SDK.
Strange Clan Twitter