Chandra Station


Chandra Station

| Validator of the Lunar God चन्द्र |

Chandra Station, a multifaceted infrastructure provider and validator. We combine investment expertise with software development to help drive the evolution of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Validating the Cosmos

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

With multiple hardware deployments in the US Chandra Station runs and maintains high uptime, bare metal machines.

Total Value Staked



Networks Supported





Workloads vary and our wide array of hardware is fit for any task. With machines ranging from 64 core AMD EPYC servers to 12 core Intel devices we run single thread and multi thread workloads with ease.


We monitor our infrastructure with Prometheus, Grafana, Tenderduty, and on chain metrics from our nodes. We have a custom dashboard that allows us to see the health of our infrastructure at a glance and alerts us when things go wrong.


From firewall hardware to Horcrux and failover nodes we have a wide array of security measures in place to ensure our infrastructure is always safe. Alongside 24/7 armed security at our deployment locations we are safe both online and offline.

Public Endpoints

Public access to our nodes for validators and users

White Label

Extremly selective white labeling service


Daily pruned Cosmos database snapshots


Assistance with launching and building in Cosmos


Specializing in application development and blockchain


Cosmos AIO

With focus on infrastructure as a service, front end/back end development, and blockchain we are able to provide a wide array of services to our clients and partners.